Pre-arranging a funeral

You can come to us to express your specific wishes for your own funeral.

Pre-arrangements for a funeral can be very detailed, but can also be very brief. Much depends on your age and your personal preferences.

A full pre-arranged funeral consists of three parts: an agreement for arranging and performing the funeral, a testament and a funeral insurance. This allows the funeral to be fully arranged both practically and financially.

Agreement for the organising and performing of the funeral

In this agreement with the funeral director you indicate how you want the funeral service to be conducted. During an interview, you can indicate your wishes and desires regarding the funeral. All wishes and desires are then documented for you.

Last will on the method of burial

This will, as registered at the Registry Office of your municipality, will stipulate some basic requirements for the funeral service. These include your choices for burial or cremation, the destination of the body or ashes, the nature of the funeral ritual, and there may also be an indication of the above-mentioned agreement in which the further details are described.

Funeral insurance

Whether or not a funeral insurance is useful depends on your personal situation. We can also advise you in this respect. Our first advice is to opt for a capital insurance (predetermined duration of premium payments and predetermined sum insured) and not an in-kind policy (i.e. no obvious capital but a briefly described set of services). This funeral insurance can also be linked to the above-described arrangement.